Ascon de Nijs (1963) is an Amsterdam based scenographer who works for a wide range of theatre; modern dance and opera companies in both Holland and abroad. After he graduated in 1992 on the Royal Academy in the Hague he started working rideaway for companies on national and international stages. His work diverges from rough and unpolished images to clean and styled designs, with always lots of dynamic and playful elements.



“Guy and Roni are my artistic soulmates, my work developed alongside the growing of their repertoire, it’s a unique journey which we started 20 years ago and wich still is an exciting trip up to today.”

The Opera revealed itself for me in the 90-ies.  With Marcel Sijm I made work for the Dutch Opera. With Jorinde Keesmaat I work mostly for companies abroad and look for a line between art installations and opera performance.

I started working rideaway after my graduation in the modern dance world with Itzik Galili. Through his work I got to know Guy & Roni. Dance became the base of my work. The last years I worked frequently with Alida Dors.


I use to have my own theatre company performing plays on location with the purpose to give the stage more vivid, visual power. Nowadays I work with a large variety of directors for both the commercial- and the subsidized companies.

The musical revealed itself to me through my work for Senf and partners. Later at Bos theater productions I could further indulge myself in productions that were between music theatre and musical such as Chez Brood and Watskebeurt.


Despite all the restrictions of the Covid regulations I managed to keep creating stage designs.The latest project is the “Dogs of madness” wich is a online movie made for the Staatstheater Hannover but also visible when you buy the NITE Delivery Bag. In January a new piece by Duda Paiva premiered (online) on the Cadanz festival in collaboration with the Fracal dance company. Also in in the Night Delivery is the boardgame I designed called ‘Normaloco’. With Harriet Stroet I developed a new piece called ‘Chickentown’ in collaboration with Feikes Huis.